Making the most of the Phi Phi…and more!

Thailand enjoys a plethora of amazing island destinations (in addition to the mainland of course) so it’s no wonder us adventurers are often trying to fit as much as possible into the time we have before moving on to the next equally exciting destination. In this post I will try to guide you in the right direction to make sure you experience everything the wonderful Phi Phi and surrounding area has to offer – and I’ll let you in on a little secret, there is a lot on offer!

For those of you who mix up your Koh Phangan’s with your Koh Samui’s and the thought of Koh Tao, Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi leave you befuddled – and let me assure you it happens to all of us no matter how much we think we know – then first let me give you a little bit more information about the locality of the wonderful Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi is in the south of Thailand as the large majority of the islands are. The Phi Phi islands are ideally located between Phuket and the mainland making it an easy destination to get to as there is ferry access from both east and west which only takes approximately 90 minutes.

If you’re up for day trips out on the water while spending time in Thailand then a base at Phi Phi provides a great place to start. From here you can take trips to many wonderful destinations, including the exquisite Maya Bay. Maya Bay for those who may not know is the location of THE BEACH from the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio by the same name – The Beach. This one is well worth the trip. There are many different operators that offer day trips to view this stunning beach so do not fear you won’t miss out and al boats heading this way offer a very similar service meaning you don’t have the worry of comparing each operator. That’s a win in my books. If I were to give you one bit of advice about doing this activity would be to try and head there in the early morning so as to avoid the huge amounts of tourists trying to do the exact same thing. Going early also has the benefit of ample beach and swimming space and some very nice photos.

Maya Bay

If it’s the legendary Thai nightlife you are after then you can also get a taste of that here. While the beach parties and full moon parties that occur on Phi Phi may not quite live up to the same expectations as the parties in Koh Phangan I can assure you they still pack quite a punch. Even in Phi Phi there are regular beach parties, full moon parties and every kind of bar in between. In the town of Phi Phi there is a hub of nightlife activity, bars with drinks specials and the infamous party bucket stands line the streets. For a more relaxed night however head to the banana bar and its rooftop cinema. Here you can have a delicious meal, a refreshing cocktail and then settle in and watch that evenings movie. Don’t worry about which movie it is, it’s all about the experience.

Looking for the best spot to watch the sun go down? Well, this one I can confidently tell you exactly where you need to be. The best sunset I had the pleasure of watching was here in the Phi Phi islands. I must warn you though, it is quite a hike. I consider myself to be a person who knows a lot about their own body but I did not know a person could sweat so much in the high humidity on the walk up what seems like a never-ending staircase to the viewpoint. Do not let this deter you though! You’ll join a group of people all with the same aim as you and likely all having the same hard time as you so forget about that and relax while you watch the sun go down. The view is truly a worthwhile and breathtaking one.

Phi Phi Viewpoint

Phi Phi for me encompasses the perfect mix of relaxed island vibes as well as providing all the party needs ones heart could ever desire. Spend your days beach side, spend your days having blissful aromatic massages, spend your days out adventuring the neighbouring islands (monkey island is close by), spend your days doing some retail therapy or spend your days enjoying beach party after beach party. Whatever your style I can guarantee you will be able to find something for you in Phi Phi to satisfy your holiday needs.

I hope I’ve given you some help and ideas planning your time on Phi Phi. Now get out there and book that ticket!

Happy Adventuring!

Nina – Adventuring Life Away

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